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  • Woocha Multi-Clip Clip Board 2.0.1

    Woocha Multi-Clip Clip Board lets you store frequently used text on your clipboard for later use. The program allows you to group frequently used
  • Free Video Clip 2 Blackberry 8100 Pro 1.3.6

    Free Video Clip 2 Blackberry 8100 Pro is a powerful and totally free conversion program which allows you to convert Video Clip file to Blackberry 8100
  • Free Video Clip To SONY PSP Lite

    Free Video Clip to SONY PSP Lite, as its name, is free and can be used to convert Video Clip to SONY PSP. It is a good program for you if you want to
  • Clip Plus 4.43

    Clip Plus can automatically grab and save text and images as they are copied to the Windows Clipboard - making them available for saving, reuse, and
  • clip-box 5.0

    ClipBox-Clipboard/document / Informationmanager Clipbox is a easy-to-use and powerful clipboard / document / Information manager and information
  • CLIP 4.0 Beta 2

    Allows command prompt users to easily copy text files into the Windows 95/98/NT clipboard from the command line. Simply paste the text into any email
  • CLIP-it!

    That's right CLIP-it! is all about quickly creating web-ready video clips suitable for attaching to e-mails or web uploading. Bt Default CLIP-it!
  • Clip it 0.522

    We do this utilizing super secret technology, we call him Clippy. When you browse your favorite stores Clippy fetches coupons for that store and
  • Clip This 1.0

    Clip This is an add-on for the windows explorer. It allows to copy the name of a file or folder to the Windows clipboard. After the installation of
  • Clip Downloader 3.0

    Download and save videos from YouTube with 1 click. Massive downloading capability with 256 simultaneous downloads capability. Download from any site
  • GSA Clip Spider 2.73

    With this program you can download all the movie clips from a webserver automatically (with or without sublinks). It's very easy to use and gives you
  • Clip'nSave 3.2

    Clip'nSave is several easy-to-use graphics tools in one. Use the screen capture to grab part or all of the desktop and automatically save or print
  • Clip Fetcher 2.1

    ClipFetcher - Fast and easy downloading of picture, document and movie sequences and configure any post process tool (like thumbnail, watermark).
  • Clip Extractor PRO

    You can use handy software Clip Extractor PRO for downloading and converting videos quickly. It is basically Internet Explorer and Firefox add-on
  • 12Ghosts Clip 9.70

    Easily make screen shots of the whole screen or of single windows. Screen shots can be helpful to store information you come across. You may easily
  • Clip Archiver 1.21

    Clip Archiver is FREE Youtube downloader. Search for, download, play and convert videos and place them on Laptop, DVD player, iPod, mobile phone or
  • iMage Clip 2.5

    You can double the clipboard extension for graphics with desktop tool iMage Clip that is s combination of capture utility as well as drag n drop
  • Share Clip 1.2

    Share Clip is a small yet efficient application that enables you to share the text portion of the clipboard between PC, Mac and Linux computers.
  • TNT Clip Art Library 1.0

    The free and useful library of Flash design elements is TNT Clip Art Library that is compatible with Macromedia Flash MX and later.
  • Clip Tracking 1.0

    The Systray clipboard tracking application Clip Tracking reports the clipboard changes as well as it has ability to instant edit,save or print its
  • Clip`n Collect 1.8

    ClipCollect is a Clipboard Tool. It can 1) Collect, edit and autoformat text notes 2) Build a website. Grow a personal note database with collecting
  • Clip Art Collection 1.0

    Many of us often need to develop a slideshow for various purposes, or create an advertisement, a greeting card or illustrate a text. But sometimes,
  • Clip to MP3 Converter 1.0

    With this program you can easily extract music tracks from YouTube clips, video files and DVD movies. In addition to MP3 format, you can convert video
  • Kingsoft Clip 1.0.1

    If you are one of the people, who have been bothered for a long time by having to carry a USB cable or other connection kits to transfer between PC
  • Clip It Good 0.1

    Right click on an image and quickly save it to a Picasa Web Album that you choose. Common uses: - Save your friends' Facebook photos into your own
  • Clip to Evernote

    The EverNote Chrome Extension makes it easy to remember and find all of the great stuff you see online. Save full pages, including text, links and
  • Clip List 1.0.1

    ClipList is a Mac menu bar item which facilitates managing multiple clipboard text items by storing clipboard contents in a list displayed as menu
  • Auto Clip 1.0

    Purpose of this tool: If you select any text in any window say Firefox, Internet Explorer, Email, a Word Doc or Notepad, whatever it may be it will
  • Kana Clip

    Kana Clip is a Windows program which monitors text copied into clipboard. The copied text is saved into memory so it can be accessed later through
  • Clip Color 1.0.5

    With Clip Color you can: Grab color from screen with only two mouse clicks. See grabbed color in 5 different color systems. Make your favorite
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  • Neoconvert DVD To Nokia N97 Converter 4.0

    Neoconvert DVD to Nokia N97 Converter is a comprehensive suite that incorporates DVD to Nokia N97 video clip Converter. The Nokia N97 video clip Converter allows you to effortlessly and speedily convert all well-known
  • Free Video Clip To SONY PSP Lite

    Free video clip to SONY PSP Lite, as its name, is free and can be used to convert video clip to SONY PSP. It is a good program for you if you want to convert video clip to SONY PSP accidently. It can convert at superfast
  • Xone8clipmaker 1.0.0

    A simple yet very efficient video clip maker software to be used with any web cam, enable video clip creation (including wmv compression) snapshot taking, E-mail transmission of either video or snapshot and upload to
  • VideoSpirit Pro 1.42

    videoSpirit Pro is the most easily used video Converter/Editor tools. For acting as a video Editor, various slide effect/title/subtitle can be added to a video clip. Also, the video clip can be rotated, resized and
  • FLV Converter for .NET - Trial 1.2

    This is a developer tool (DLL) for Visual Studio to create Flash video Files (FLV) from other video types. With this program you can convert many types of video to the Flash video (FLV) format, can extract audio from a
  • In 20 Seconds 1.2.0

    Share your idea, Review and story in a 20-second clip. This extension let you create a 20-second clip easily in couple of minutes on any web PaGE and Share IT with your friends in Facebook, YouTube and the world. You
  • VideoClipManager 0.3.0

    video clip manager is like iTunes for video clips. It allows you to read existing files and add them to an embedded firebird database. There metadata is managed that describes the video clip. It is not another Movie
  • UM AVI Video Converter

    UM AVI video converter is AVI video converter, it can convert varous video to AVI video format. its a powerful video converter tool. UM AVI video Converter features a range of versatile editing tools giving you the
  • Free Video to Sansa Converter 4.6

    It is a versatile video Converter for Sansa players, which is designed to convert videos for Sansa,such as convert video for Sansa Fuze,Sansa clip, Sansa View, Sansa slot Music Player. It supports converting all popular
  • Slow Motion Smoother 1.1.2

    The Slow Motion Smoother Effect makes your home-made slowed down clip look like a professional clip. Unlike some other iMovie plug-ins, your whole clip will be slowed down. You will not loose the end of your clip. To
  • 4Media Movie Editor

    4Media Movie Editor is efficient and comprehensive video creating/editing tool that enables you to add music, special effects, watermark and even subtitle to videos. Its key features include: works with almost all
  • Daniusoft iPhone Video Converter for Mac 1.0.0

    Watch your movie and music collection on your iPhone with Daniusoft iPhone video Converter for Mac. This Mac iPhone converter enables you to convert all popular video & audio formats like FLV, AVI, WMV, 3gp, MKV,
  • 123 DVD Maker 2.1.7

    123 DVD Maker 2.1.7 is a useful software to produce video DVD of your home movies. It allows you to easily turn the vacation, wedding and family movies into DVD that you can burn and share with your friends and family!
  • CLIP-it!

    That's right clip-it! is all about quickly creating web-ready video clips suitable for attaching to e-mails or web uploading. Bt Default clip-it! records the entire screen then scales it to one-quarter it's original
  • Ainsoft iPod Video Converter for Mac

    A perfect solution for playing any video on iPod, AinSoft iPod video Converter for Mac helps you convert almost popular video formats to iPod video like AVI, MPEG, WMV, MP4, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, MOV, M4V, VOB, ASF, 3gp and
  • X Audio Videl Clip Joiner 1.2

    X Audio video clip Joiner,a easy tool to merge and combine the mp3 musics and mpeg video clips. There are many hot movie and music clips can be Free downloaded, To see each video clips you have to click and click to
  • Able Video Snapshot

    How to take a snapshot of your video within Able video Snapshot?The program lets you take snapshots directly from your movie! This means you can go to any point within a video clip, capture a freeze frame picture, and
  • Daniusoft iPad Video Converter for Mac 1.0.0

    If you are an iPad user who fancy watching movies on iPad, Daniusoft iPad video Converter for Mac is a must-have tool for you. This iPad video Converter for Mac can convert all popular video formats like AVI, WMV, 3gp,
  • ReverseIt Media Software 2.0 3.0

    ReverseIt enables you to reverse the direction of almost any WMV or AVI video clip. Make your videos go forwards and backwards. Make that fall 10 times more funny.We have designed ReverseIt Media Software to be easy to
  • Able DVD Snapshot

    How to take a snapshot of your video within DVD Snapshot? The program lets you take snapshots directly from your DVD Movie! This means you can go to any point within a video clip, Capture a freeze Frame picture, and
  • DVD Snapshot

    How to take a snapshot of your video within DVD Snapshot?The program lets you take snapshots directly from your DVD movie! This means you can go to any point within a video clip, capture a freeze frame picture, and save
  • Zune Video Converter Factory Pro 2.0

    Zune video Converter Factory Pro is a perfect solution for Zune users who want to put their regular video files even video podcasts, widescreen video on Zune players.It can convert most regular video formats to Zune
  • Video Cutter 1.0

    Now you can cut your desire clip from movie by using handy video Cutter. You can save the clip by clicking on save button. It is very easy to use you juts have to specify the start and end points of movie for cutting.
  • SkyeCaller PRO -

    The incredible software SkyeCaller PRO saves your mobile expenses by offering you following features: it allows users to use caller image display as well as video ringtone Playback and manage audio ringtones for
  • Daniusoft iPod Video Converter for Mac 1.0.1

    If you are frustrated by movie and music files are not compatible with your iPod, Daniusoft iPod video Converter for Mac can help you out. It enables you to put videos & audios in any format on your iPod, iPod nano,
  • PSP Video Converter Factory Pro 2.0.1

    PSP video Converter Factory Pro is a powerful PSP video conversion software which helps you convert video files or audio files to PSP movie (Sony PlayStation Portable MP4 video format, PSP AVC H.264 video), PS3 video
  • ImTOO Video Cutter for Mac

    The next-generation video cutting software! ImTOO video Cutter for Mac helps any user from a video-editing whizz to a video-editing "newbie" cut, clip and customize their video segments as they wish! Our
  • Ainsoft AVI Video Converter for Mac

    iovSoft AVI video Converter for Mac is a professional video Converter that can convert AVI video to almost popular video formats on Mac with high quality and high speed. For instance, Mac AVI video Converter helps
  • GotCLIP 1.00

    Multiple sites support Downloads videos from most popular sites like Dailymotion, MySpace, Vimeo, Google video etc. Download embedded videos Saves video even it located at personal pages like blogs, communities and
  • Mhelp for Windows 7 V1.7

    Mhelp for Windows 7 provides instant video-clip help for Windows 7 direct from your desktop. Users simply install Mhelp then search for the Windows 7 help they require directly from their desktop. Each Mhelp video-clip